Halloween Party

2017.10.24 Tuesday 21:56

    It's October and that means Halloween! And for PIP we had a special Halloween party!

    Halloween is the time for candy, costumes, jack o'lanturns, and spiders, and we experienced all of them this year at Ishikawa!


    Making treat bags

    We made trick or treat bags in our customs! Using orange paper for pumpkins, we chose from different kinds of black eyes, nose, and mouths to make a fun jack o'lanturn bag to hold our candy. We had fun gluing the paper onto our bags, choosing our faces. Everyone chose different faces!


    And after making our paper jack o'lanturns, we made a real one! After Ms. Ali cut the top off the pumpkin and we helped empty it with spoons. It was a little yucky!



    We choose a face together, and Ms. Ali poked in holes with a fork for the pattern, then cut out the nose, mouth, and eyes. We took out the finished peices of pumpkin. Together we made an amazing jack o'lanturn!



    Then we learned about spider webs by following a giant one on the floor and picking up spiders and pumpkins from around the web. We had to stay on the green webbing though!



    Next we got to eat donuts! They were tied onto a pole and we couldn't use our hands! We had to eat with just our mouths. It was really hard, but the donuts were delicious!



    After a lunch break, we got to make our own monsters! We used paper cups and wrapped colored streamers around them to make different colored monsters. Then we added three eyes, and poked curly pipe cleaners in for arms, and finished with a mouth. We could choose from different designs of mouths. It was a lot of fun!



    And finally we got to make a skeleton from a magnet puzzle on the whiteboard! It was a little scary and difficult, but also fun to see how all the bones come together!



    The best part was after every activity we got to trick or treat to Nastuki and get a candy! We got lots of candy all through the day! We learned a lot about Halloween activities. Next year will be just as fun, I think!

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