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Colorful Snow

Winter is really upon us. We've had record amounts of snow in Hakodate this Year! It's been difficult, but also a lot of fun! We got to learn more about snow this month, and also colors! We collected some snow from outside, and brought it in with bins. Then we made three different bottles of food coloring: red, yellow, and blue. Then we poked holes in the caps.

Then the fun began! We squirted red paint into one of the containers. Then some yellow, and mixed it together to make orange snow. We added some blue next to the red too, and made purple! In the other bin we put yellow and blue together to make green. We also gound when we added just a little red pain that we could make pink!

We then had fun just mixing the colors, watching how the snow took in all the water and left just pure color on top of it. We were able to make very beautiful patterns. We even put tissues down on top of the colors and found the color would seep into the tissues making some rainbow tissues.

And of course, no snow activity is complete without some snowballs! We made some beautiful rainbow snowballs! Good job, Rin and Haru!

Snow is really fun and we were able to learn more about it, and colors, too, thanks to how much snow we've had this year.

Stay warm!

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