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Winter Hiding

It's very cold this winter! What do animals do when it's cold? Some sleep all winter. Some hide inside of burrows or holes. Squirrels hide in nests in trees, and hardly ever leave! Why can they stay there all winter? Because their nests are warm, and they've collected lots of seeds and nuts to last them the whole winter.

So we made our own squirrel nest for craft time. We used paper plates, so first we had to put on a lot of glue. The glue was cold, and hard, but we managed.

Then came the fun part. We got a long, long piece of yarn to make our warm, cozy nest with. We patted it on the glue, leaving a circle in the middle for our squirrel and valuable food.

Then came our squirrel. He had collected a lot of nuts this summer, so we made sure he had a nice warm home. The squirrel was already printed out, so we just glued him onto our nest.

And then the most important part. Food! We glued on lots of colorful nuts for our squirrel to enjoy in his warm nest all winter long.

We're very happy our squirrel will be safe this winter. We're also happy we too, will be warm and safe all winter with our houses and grocery stories.

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