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Butterfly Life Cycle

We've learned a lot about life cycles this month! And we have lots of fun seeing how different animals grow. This month we made a poster about the life cycle of a butterfly.

First we picked a tiny pompom for an egg and glued it on our paper leaf. Then we used pompom balls to make little caterpillars any colors we wanted. Then we used real sticks and rolled out cocoons, or pupas for our caterpillars to grow in.

After that we got to make the butterflies! The funnest part. All the kids chose pink tissue paper to make their butterfly. Then we scrunched it up and stuck it into a clothes pin to make pretty pink wings.


We added in antenna, too. Because butterflies need to smell, of course! Again everyone wanted pink pipecleaners to make theirs with. Pink is the color of the day!


Then we glued all the parts onto our posters to make our amazing butterfly life cycle!

We're becoming so creative, and learning so much.

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